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Standing Order

Standing Order allows your customers to place repeat orders on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.


Advanced Inventory

Advanced Inventory allows you to create multiple packaging and pricing options from one product.


Quickbooks Integration

Automatically sync all your product, price, customer, order, invoice, and payment information.


Sales Rep Manager

This add-on allows you to assign specific sales reps to customers in your “Customers” tab.


About Local Line

Local Line helps Ontario farmers doing direct marketing sell products online, access new markets, and stay organized.

Increase sales with an online store, organize fulfillment and delivery, and take control of your business. 




Local Line Affiliate Landing Page Online Store 2

Online Store

Sell your products online, get new 
customers and collect online payments.




Local Line Affiliate Landing Inventory

Advanced Inventory Tracking

Track your products, packages 
and inventory in real time.




Local Line Affiliate Landing Order Management

Order & Delivery Management

Track all incoming orders, schedule 
deliveries and track shipments.




“You have everything you need in one place. It's so much simpler to get [your products] directly in front of a chef so that they can order.”

Kye K. from The Chef's Farmer

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My customers love it. I’ve seen more customers, larger orders, and fewer errors in only 6 weeks. It’s awesome.”

George W. from Castor River Farm